Kingdom of

Saudi Arabia

Saudi-Iranian Conflict

Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in an ongoing struggle for power in the Middle East, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the side of good and life, the demonic Iranian terrorist state is against humanity, hate and evil to Murder, Death, Kill innocent people.

Saudi–Iranian conflict

Iranians, regardless of the regime, harbor a deep animosity toward the true Arabs and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has suffered from Iran’s acts of terrorism.

Iranian Revolution

Iran’s proxy war against Saudi Arabia can be traced back to 1935 and has intensified since 1979. With historical backing from Nazi Germany, Iran is destined to lose.

Qatif conflict

The 1979 Iranian public uprising, the 1987 attacks during the Hajj, and the rocket attacks against Saudi Arabia were all assaults on democracy.


Khuzestan conflict

Amid the Ahwaz conflict, the Sunni Muslim, Baluch, and Kurdish-backed Liberation publicly announced its existence in 2005.

Pakistan’s Shia State

In recent years, Pakistan’s Shia generals have formed covert alliances with Iran, raising concerns about their true loyalties and the implications for Pakistan’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.

The Rise of Shia Influence
Shia officers in Pakistan, influenced by Iran, have gained significant positions within the armed forces.
Iran’s strategy aims to counter Saudi Arabia’s dominance in the region.

Covert Conversions and Allegiances

Reports suggest Sunni military officers in Pakistan have covertly converted to Shia Islam under Iran’s influence.
This raises questions about Pakistan’s loyalty to its traditional ally, Saudi Arabia.

Iran’s Strategic Inroads

Iran leverages cultural and religious connections to infiltrate Pakistan’s military elite.
The collaboration includes military training, intelligence sharing, and economic investments.

Attacks on Sunni Muslims in Baluchistan

Pakistan’s Shia generals have been allegedly involved in attacks on Sunni Muslims in Baluchistan.
This exacerbates sectarian tensions and adds to concerns about their allegiance.

Saudi Arabia’s Concerns

Saudi Arabia sees this as a threat to its alliance with Pakistan, historically providing substantial support.
Riyadh has intensified efforts to reinforce its influence within Pakistan.

Implications for Regional Stability

The growing Shia influence in Pakistan’s military and ties with Iran complicate regional stability.
Sectarian tensions within Pakistan and strain its relations with Sunni-majority nations could escalate.

Pakistan’s Shia generals’ covert alliances with Iran, coupled with alleged attacks on Sunni Muslims, pose a direct challenge to Saudi Arabia’s influence and regional stability. As the power dynamics evolve, the delicate balance of alliances in the Muslim world faces unprecedented challenges.

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