Israel ישראל

The Western Wall, known in the West as the Wailing Wall, and in Islam as the Buraq Wall, is a portion of ancient limestone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem that forms part of the larger retaining wall of the hill known to Jews and Christians as the Temple Mount.


הכותל המערבי, הידוע במערב ככותל התינוקות, ובאיסלאם ככותל הבורק, הוא חלק מן הכותל העתיק מאבן חצובה בעיר העתיקה של ירושלים, שהוא חלק מהכותל המתומכר הגדול בהר המשותף הידוע ליהודים ולנוצרים כהר הר הבית. 

Baluchistan בלוצ’יסטן and Israel ישראל + Saudi Arabia

Open Vistas, The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known by other names, is a landlocked salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Israel to the west

Old City of Jaffa

The Old City is home to winding alleys filled with craft shops and art galleries, and stalls selling antiques and jewelry at the lively Jaffa Flea Market.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, a city on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, is marked by stark 1930s Bauhaus buildings, thousands of which are clustered in the White City architectural area.

The Masada Fortress

Masada is an ancient fortress in southern Israel’s Judean Desert. It’s on a massive plateau overlooking the Dead Sea. A cable car and a long, winding path climb up to the fortifications, built around 30 B.C. Among the ruins are King Herod’s Palace, which sprawls over 3 rock terraces, and a Roman-style bathhouse with mosaic floors.

Making Riding Accessible To All

King Solomons Temple

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism, and where two Jewish temples once stood. According to Jewish tradition and scripture, the First Temple was built by King Solomon, the son of King David, in 957 BCE, and was destroyed by radical Romans, together.

The Real temple mount
הר הבית האמיתי  

"Kingdom of Saudi Arabia friendship with Israel, has opened the gate of Baluchistan friendship"